This Fall, it's about you

You will have access to in-person instruction, campus life and student support services. In-person instruction will be guided by the social distancing and safety guidelines established by the State of Nevada and NSHE with significant input from medical, health and safety professionals.


Update on Fall 2020 class instruction modes

As we prepare for the Fall 2020 semester, the University of Nevada, Reno will be adjusting some course delivery methods to full or partial online delivery. This is for the health of our Wolf Pack community in alignment with federal, state, and local social distancing requirements and recommendations. The process of entering these changes has begun in MyNevada and students will see these changes in their class schedules and enrollments.

Due to the scope of the project, it will take several days to complete, so please be patient.

Once this process is complete, the Request for Remote Instruction form will be available for students wishing to take all of their classes remotely due to extenuating circumstances. This form will be available on the University Coronavirus website. Although efforts will be made to limit additional changes, these instruction modes are still subject to change as situations develop. Please be sure to check your MyNEVADA regularly for any updates to individual classes.

New instruction modes and what they mean

AR - Alternative Remote

Course originally scheduled to be delivered in-person, but moved to entirely online due to social distancing and capacity limitations. These courses will not include the $34 per credit online fee.

AH - Alternative HyFlex

Course originally scheduled to be delivered in-person, but will have attendance adjustments so students will alternate in-person and remote participation. Students will receive communication directly from their instructors with specifics. Fully remotely participation by students can be accommodated for those with extenuating circumstances.

AP - Alternative In-Person

Course conducted with in-person instruction required, but with alternating attendance. Some portion of instruction delivered online. Fully remote participation by students cannot be accommodated.